We answer your questions

We answer your questions

Do you have doubts about investing through Crowmie? We hope to be able to solve them with the content below.

A form is also available at the bottom of the page for you to ask us anything you want to know about the projects, profitability, risks, etc.


Who can invest? Can I invest from Latin America, USA and other European countries?

Anyone around the world who registers and validates their identity (by filling out the KYC form) can invest.

How do you obtain profitability?

Two ways:

Monthly return: every month an income will be distributed, which is obtained from the profits from the sale of electricity. The annual profitability of these rentals averages 8% (depending on each project, it may be more or less profitable).

Capital gain: when you invest you are assigned shares in that project, the initial value of each share is 100 euros. However, once the project is built, you will be able to sell it to another investor for a higher price and obtain a capital gain. Keep in mind that when you invest the project is in RTB phase (ready to build) and when you sell it it will be built and generating passive income.

How much is the minimum I can invest?

You can invest from 100 euros per project. If you want to invest in dollars, USDT, BNB, reais, pesos or any other type of currency, the minimum final conversion must be 100 euros.

How does Crowmie work legally?

Our operations are supervised by an ESI in accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 4/2015, of October 23, which approves the revised text of the Securities Market Law. Specifically, as established in Article 35:

Article 35. Obligations relating to the placement of certain issues.

In the case of placement of issues not subject to the obligation to publish a prospectus because they are promissory notes with a term to maturity of less than 365 days, they are addressed to less than one hundred and fifty investors per Member State excluding qualified investors, because they require a minimum investment equal to or greater than one hundred thousand euros or because their total amount in the European Union is less than eight million euros, calculated over a period of twelve months, which are addressed to the general public using any form of advertising communication, an entity authorized to provide investment services must be involved. The performance of this entity must include, at least, the validation of the information to be delivered to investors and the general supervision of the marketing process. This obligation shall not apply to the exercise of the activity of duly authorized crowdfunding platforms. In addition, the CNMV may require that these placements, in view of the complexity of the issuer or the financial instrument in question, comply with the obligation to publish a prospectus”.

Our technology

Cutting-edge technology to eliminate traditional bureaucracies We turn physical goods into digital assets! How do this? Through the tokenization of renewable energy projects

What is tokenization? Converting a physical asset into a digital representation using tokens

But what is a token? It is the digital representation of something, in this case, of the energy project, for example a solar plant. Through tokenization we transform that physical good into a digital asset that represents its value and that is registered in the most secure network that currently exists, the Blockchain network.

A token is not the same as a cryptocurrency, what are the differences? A token is a digital representation of something, a cryptocurrency is a digital currency (or digital currency) that is used to make payments or exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, however, the token is not, because it has a stipulated minimum value (in our case it represents a real good, which has a specific value). Our tokens do not fluctuate in price like cryptocurrencies. Only in the event that another buyer wants to purchase your digital shares at a different price and you agree to it. Whether an investor sells his stake at a lower or higher price does not affect the value of your tokens.

Why do we use tokenization?

Liquidity, making use of a P2P market until we build the liquidity pool (DeFi) so that investors can sell their shares without the need for a buyer.

Without demographic barriers.

No buying and selling commissions (no intermediaries).

Security and transparency, all transactions recorded in the network.


What is a digital wallet? What about Metamask?

Digital wallets or wallets have several functionalities, the main one being that they allow us to operate with cryptocurrencies. In them we can view and consult our balances, as well as the transactions made and received.

Unlike a traditional bank, only the owner of the wallet knows what is in the wallet and another difference is that you do not need the authorization of a third party to operate, but you have full control over your funds.

Metamask is a type of digital wallet, there are currently several, but we believe this is the safest option.

If you want to trade with USDT or BNB you must have the wallet connected.

Don’t know how to create or connect it? In this article we explain you the step by step, here

When can I sell?

Once you make the investment, you can sell your shares at any time. The only requirement is that the investor who is going to buy the shares must be registered in our platform.

What happens when a project is not 100% funded?

If we are faced with a scenario in which the project fails to be financed within the initial timeframe, we can:

  1. Increase the financing term by up to 25% or reduce the financing amount.
  2. Cancel the project, returning all the investment obtained to each of our investors. You will also have the option to invest that capital in another project.
What risk do you take when investing through Crowmie?

No investment is 100% secure, we are transparent and honest. Under that premise, we can appreciate a certain difference between investing with Crowmie and other types of investments.

The energy sector is a traditional and stable sector, so it is safe from high volatility. The investment is linked to a real construction that generates returns from the sale of electricity, so the profitability will depend on the production, sale price, amortization, etc. (all this information can be found in the whitepaper of each project).

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