How does Crowmie work?

No crowdfunding, no crowdlending

Investment process



To view available renewable energy projects, please log in with your name, email and password.

Once registered, complete the identity verification form (this is for your own security). And have access to the legal, economic and technical documents of each project.



When we have validated your identity verification form you are ready to invest.

You can do it from anywhere in the world, with euros, dollars, USDT or BNB from 100 euros.


Receives tokens

When you invest you are given tokens, which you can sell to another investor at any time.

These entitle you to receive your monthly rents, for the electricity generated by the energy project and subsequently sold.


Get monthly payments

Your investment is used to build facilities that produce electricity. This, once built, generates renewable electricity that is sold to the grid. The profits from this sale are distributed among investors according to the number of tokens they hold.

You can receive payments to your bank account or digital wallet in EUR, USD, USDT or BNB.

The investment platform

In this video we explain how the platform works, the steps to make the investment, as well as an explanation of who we are and what we do.

We have more videos in our FAQ section.

Remember that if you have any questions you can contact us through the form below, by email, Whatsapp or Telegram.

All with contract and insurance

All projects on Crowmie are formalised through contracts. The agreements that affect the investors will be seen in the whitepaper (the contract about the project).

Each project has its own whitepaper in the detail section of the app.

Regulation and CNMV

Our financing model is regulated in article 35 of Royal Legislative Decree 4/2015, of 23 October, which approves the revised text of the Securities Market Act. By which we are obliged to be supervised by an ESI (Investment Services Company).

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Impact on your economy and your environment

Easy money, or money made quickly, goes just as quickly. Investing for the long term is investing in your future self.

We want you to win with us, so if you are interested in investing in physical and tangible assets that provide security, stability, monthly income and diversify your investment, we are a good option for you.

What if you invest in a project that will be built in your city? It generates a positive impact on your environment.


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