Do we finance your project?

Procurement, co-investment and financing of renewable energy projects, designed for developers, operators and IPPs.

What projects do we fund?

At Crowmie we are focused on photovoltaic and wind technology projects on:

Generation and industrial self-consumption

Soil < 5 MW

Utility, large energetics

What do we look at?

  • Electricity consumption of the project is higher than 400 kW h.
  • Project located in Spain.
  • Warehouse with easy connection to mains electricity.
  • Client owns the land.

Do you have any projects?

Tell us about your project and we will contact you.

Project approval process.



We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss the objectives of both parties and request all the information about the project you propose.
We will request preliminary information about the client to identify the level of risk.



We will carry out an analysis of the project at all levels:

  • Legal
  • Economic
  • Technician



Once the project has passed the analysis, it will be approved and we will register it on our platform so that investors can make their contributions and receive tokens.


Control and remuneration

Once the project has been funded and built, monthly payments will be made and distributed to investors according to the number of tokens they hold.


New flexible alternative

We create a new funding channel for developers. In addition, Crowmie can be used as a local investment tool aligned with the objectives of governments as we allow the population to participate in the projects in a simple way and offering liquidity which provides Social Impact from minute 0.


Crowmie facilitates a direct management and improves all processes thanks to an agile business structure, we can call ourselves, without intermediaries. Fractionalisation of the cost in monthly instalments. Possibility of early repayment without penalty. Monthly CSR reports.

100% projects funded on time and viable

More than 2,000 investors are part of the Crowmie community.
Funding raised within 1 to 3 weeks.
No investment risk.

Tell us about your project

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Our partners

La opinión de nuestros promotores

Thais Hernández

it has been easy to invest and you have been kind and patient enough to help those who are not technologically savvy with these digital tools, like me.

Thais Hernández
Víctor Sánchez

the experience of investing has been really easy. Although I have had some problems when using the platform, the Crowmie team has always solved them in a matter of hours. The same with the doubts that could arise, I have always received personalised attention to solve them, perhaps what I would highlight the most would be the proximity.

Víctor Sánchez

it was easy to invest in the platform. I asked for more images of the project and was immediately provided with videos and photos.


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