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Where traditional meets financial innovation

For you, the investor:

At Crowmie, we have simplified the investment in industrial self-consumption projects, making it accessible with a click from anywhere in the world.

For investors like you, who seek low risks and high impact. Also, professionals find in us access to an attractive sector without the risk of an Elon Musk tweet causing a 25% drop in your investment.

Our investment thesis is 100% focused on industrial self-consumption projects in a market that grows more than 100% annually. We are experts in this vertical, with over 15 years of executing renewable projects. We analyze, supervise, and operate each project we finance to ensure success.

Our purpose, mission, and objectives are centered on our investors. We have created a financial ecosystem to educate you, where we will accompany you if needed, with the goal of maximizing your returns with all guarantees.

This is our invitation for you to be part of the revolution towards a more sustainable energy future.


Meet the team

Fernando Davila

CEO · Co-founder

Paul Valverde

CMO · Co-founder

Joshua Cleveland

CTO · Co-founder

Javier Cunat


Luis Corrales

Management & Energy

Alfonso de León


Borja Polo

Go to Market

Carmen March


Gonzalo García


Isadora Armond​


Dan Talpa


We All Need Energy. A basic element of life should be a basic element of your portfolio.