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How to use it?

How to use the Compound Interest Calculator?

Using our investment profitability calculator is very simple:

Initial Capital to Invest in the Project

Simply add the total capital you wish to contribute to the project.

Annual Return

Next, add the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of the project you're investing in, which is the annual return rate.


Include the time period estimated for the investment's duration.

Why use it?

Importance of Using the Investment Calculator

Using an investment calculator is crucial as it provides you with approximate results, avoiding potential errors that can arise from manual calculations.

Our investment calculator is designed to perform complex calculations quickly, simply, and accurately.

How is it calculated?

Formula for Calculating Compound Interest

To understand how our compound interest calculator operates, here's a simple explanation of the formula to calculate investment profitability:

P x (1 + r/n) ^nt

P: Initial investment amount

r: Interest rate

n: Number of compounding periods

t: Total investment duration in years

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