Luna Token Burning


Pablo Valverde | 18 may 2022 | cryptocurrencies, DeFi


Luna token burning looks like it will be the solution. After a week of fire in the stable coin sector, after what has happened with Terra Luna, the first measures are beginning to be seen.
The strategy that the creators are following are 3:
  1. Expand the common fund
  2. Burn UST
  3. Staking LUNA.

Luna Token Burning

It seems that the measures are oriented in the sense that we had all raised, burning tokens to get back to value. It can be recovered if the burning revalues the token and regains the trust of buyers. Something very difficult after the harsh statements of the Binance CEO . Binance has removed both tokens from its platform, but its CEO now says it will support the Terra community. Although they ask the creators for more transparency.
The Terra Luna team , despite what has happened, is doing everything possible to mitigate direct and collateral damage as a result of the loss of the value of the UDT dollar.
We already know that in crypto nothing is impossible, they also have a very strong and active community, so the recovery of the moon token could be a reality.
Will you buy more Terra Luna, or do you no longer trust the team?
Pablo Valverde

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