What is cryptowinter?


Pablo Valverde | 16 may 2022 | cryptocurrencies, DeFi, Investments


What is crypto winter?

What is crypto winter? Crypto winter is a term that, with the massive drop in prices in the cryptocurrency sector, has not stopped appearing in Telegram groups and in youtuber videos. But if you still do not understand this concept, we will explain it to you.

As in every market there are cycles, these cycles are called bullish or bearish in the traditional stock market.
The bull market is often referred to as ” bull market” when it is at its peak. In this cycle, the values generally tend to be positive and gain value, bull runs also occur (we will leave this for another occasion)
The bear market is commonly called the bear market in the traditional market, and is used alongside the crypto winter in the cryptocurrency industry. It is a period in which the values, in this case of cryptos, are low and increases in value are not expected (many lose up to 50% of their value)
The crypto community has embraced terminologies from the traditional sector and has adapted it to the jargons of the cryptocurrency market.

How long is the crypto winter?

That bear market, whose duration is assumed to be 1 year or even 2, the third would be a recovery, and by the fourth we would be in the bullish cycle. Although experts believe that this cycle in cryptos will be lower and that we will be in the bull cycle between the second and third year.
By then, a massive adoption of cryptocurrencies by the population is expected, as well as by large companies and banks.
In Spanish, the crypto winter is when your investments make -50% and do not rise for a long period of time, and you must get used to the idea that you are not going to buy the lambo. The “to the moon” flee and the holders remain cheering on Telegram.
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