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Projects available on the platform

Bocanegra 1


Total profitability



7 years

Total investment


Alvarez Camacho 1


In preparation
Total profitability



15 years

Total investment



Cox, Alicante

In production
Total profitability



15 years

Total investment


Types of projects

Currently, we are working on 2 models, although we like to listen to proposals from our investors. If you want to propose any kind of project you can do it through our investors group.


Industrial self-consumption

Duration: 5-15 years.

Average profitability: 7'5-12% TIR annual*.



Duration: 30-40 years.

Average profitability: 6-15 % TIR annual*.




To view available renewable energy projects, please log in with your name, email and password.

Once registered, complete the identity verification form (this is for your own security). And have access to the legal, economic and technical documents of each project.



When we have validated your identity verification form you are ready to invest.

You can do it from anywhere in the world, with euros, dollars, USDT or BNB from 100 euros.


Receives tokens

When you invest you are given tokens, which you can sell to another investor at any time.

These entitle you to receive your monthly rents, for the electricity generated by the energy project and subsequently sold.


Get monthly payments

Your investment is used to build facilities that produce electricity. This, once built, generates renewable electricity that is sold to the grid. The profits from this sale are distributed among investors according to the number of tokens they hold.

You can receive payments to your bank account or digital wallet in EUR, USD, USDT or BNB.


So that investments can be made from anywhere in the world.


Your investment contributes to a cleaner future by accelerating the energy transition.


We use the most secure network.


We have several channels of communication to assist you when you need us.

How do we choose projects?

Currently, we are working on 2 models, although we like to listen to proposals from our investors. If you want to propose any kind of project you can do it through our investors group.


The Internal Rate of Return. It incorporates all costs.


Time in which the initial capital is repaid.

Total profitability

The total return to be received by the investor.

Project duration

Medium-term investments involve less risk.

Payment of benefits

The returns generated by the projects translate into cash and profits for investors.

We allow reinvestment before withholding tax, so you can take advantage of compound interest.

Payments are received monthly in your wallet, and if you are in the European Union, in your bank account.

All with contract and insurance

All projects on Crowmie are formalised through contracts. The agreements that affect the investors will be seen in the whitepaper (the contract about the project).

Each project has its own whitepaper in the detail section of the app.

What is a whitepaper?

A Whitepaper is a document issued by an entity that explains in detail and in depth a specific topic (which can be a company, a project, a business model, a type of investment, etc.) or a problem. It is usually presented in a downloadable format so that investors can access it whenever they need it.

This document contains technical information and explains clearly and thoroughly the purpose for which it was created. For example, if you are going to make an investment in a project, the whitepaper will detail the technical, economic and legal aspects relevant to the investment. It will describe the aspects relating to the company or project so that you are fully aware of where you are going to invest and the expected returns it can generate. It will also contain the amount of financing required, the time frame in which it will be executed and the critical points of the project.

The main purpose of this document is to facilitate the understanding of the project.

What does this contract contain?
  • Executive summary.
  • General information.
  • Business plan.
  • Negotiable securities to be issued.
  • Information rights.
  • Trading of tokens.
  • Transmission of tokens.
  • Taxation.
  • Investment risks.

This contract will always be in the detail section of each project. It is possible to consult them after investment and at no cost.

Regulation and CNMV

Our financing model is regulated in article 35 of Royal Legislative Decree 4/2015, of 23 October, which approves the revised text of the Securities Market Act. By which we are obliged to be supervised by an ESI (Investment Services Company).

Access the app

The supervisory entity authorised by the CNMV to provide investment services is that of Jose María Manzanares Allen.

  • Nº Official Register: 212
  • Address: JUAN DE MARIANA, 4 1º A - 28045 MADRID (MADRID)
Role of the ESI

The ESI carries out a general monitoring of the process and validates that the information to be provided to investors must be clear, impartial, not misleading and refer to the characteristics and risks of the securities issued. In addition, the legal, economic and financial situation of the issuer has been reviewed in a sufficiently detailed manner to enable the investor to make an informed investment decision.

Why choose

No barrier to entry, invest in renewable energy from 100 euros and from anywhere in the world. Sell your tokens to another investor whenever you want, without bureaucracy and in just one click. Receive your income every month in your account or digital wallet.

Investment funds

High economic entry barrier. High commissions (management and success fees) and purchase orders between D+1 and D+3. In addition, you cannot decide.

Dividend stocks

Dividends depend on the company and are not distributed every month. They have transaction fees charged by the platforms. And you need liquid markets to avoid GAP.

Real estate

20,000 entry barrier, tenant management, possibility of occupancy, inverted demographic pyramid, costs associated with taxes and insurance.

1-click registration

We make it easy for our investors! On our platform you can register in just one click.

Registration is free and does not imply that you will invest. You can read the contracts and information about each project.

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What our investors say

Thais Hernández

It has been easy to invest and you have been kind and patient enough to help those who are not technologically savvy with these digital tools, like me.

Thais Hernández
Víctor Sánchez

The experience of investing has been really easy. Although I have had some problems when using the platform, the Crowmie team has always solved them in a matter of hours. The same with the doubts that could arise, I have always received personalised attention to solve them, perhaps what I would highlight the most would be the proximity.

Víctor Sánchez

It was easy to invest in the platform. I asked for more images of the project and was immediately provided with videos and photos.

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Crowmie es una plataforma de inversión en proyectos tokenizados de energías renovables […] asociadas de Startup Valencia, la asociación que representa a las startups de la Comunidad Valenciana que ya tiene 260 asociados del sector digital y tecnológico y que, reconoce, crecer de manera imparable[…]

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