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The tangible, liquid and secure investment model

Join the investmen club that allows you to invest in the exclusive energy sector.

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Why do 90% of our investors increase their investment with us?

Considering the historical as a tendency, to calculate from 2024 to 2049

Photovoltaic projects return 80% more than the S&P 500.

Your investment is safe from market volatility.

Receive monthly returns and withdraw your investment whenever you want.

About Crowmie

A club of energy investment experts with a clear purpose: to facilitate access to exclusive projects with security, changing the world into a more sustainable place.

Fernando Dávila

CEO & Co-founder

Olympic Athlete
Aerospace Engineer

Paul Valverde

CMO & Co-founder

Marketing and Design Expert. Investment expert with 12 years of experience

Joshua Cleveland

CTO y Co-founder

Cum Laude software engineer. Technology expert

Technical Partner

Evaluates the technical feasibility of the project considering technology, engineering and environmental impact to guarantee safety and success to investors.

Supported by the best partners.

Legal Partner

Evaluates compliance with renewable energy regulations, permits and licenses to ensure their validity and compliance with current regulations.

Investment Model

We install solar panels in companies with high energy consumption, establishing a price for the energy we generate.

Decide whether you want to collect your returns or reinvest them for greater profitability.

Our marketplace allows you to sell and recover your investment at any time.

Tangible projects that change the world

SD Huesca


Annual return




Hotel Don Juan


Annual return






Annual return




Outstanding Investors

The Crowmie project is very attractive for all “stakeholders”. Small investors get good and secure returns, in addition to supporting the decarbonization of the planet. Industries reduce their energy costs without becoming decapitalized or getting leveraged. And all this with the use of technology, which provides additional transparency.

Luis Corrales

General Manager, Lantania

Crowmie’s approach is completely disruptive. This investment is attractive to any professional or non-professional investor as it does not depend on the volatilities of the energy market and generates very short term returns, eliminating the licensing and bureaucracy that larger projects have.

Alfonso de León-Sotelo

Head of Investment, Startkraft

Crowmie definitely brings the best of both worlds: an attractive combination of the Return-Risk binomial together with the digital and technological avant-garde that allows it to be accessible and liquid according to the client’s needs.

Gabriela V. Orille

Investor & Advisory Board Member

From their investment club they allow investing in solar energy projects in a simple, liquid and profitable way. The profitability above 9%, the ease of exit and the real backing of the investment with the projects is what makes more and more investors join Crowmie and contribute to the country’s Energy Transition.

Jorge Dobón

Founding & Manager Partner at Demium

What do our investors say?

Adrià A.

25 Mar 2024

I really enjoyed being able to invest with Crowmie and its simplicity to find a simple investment option, with very good profitability and on top of that with a positive impact.

Carlos M.

28 Jun 2023
Innovative investment platform, great future awaits you.

Janet D.

20 Jun 2023
Registration is very easy and the investor area on the platform is very intuitive, practical and simple. In addition, the team is A1 and is 24/7 providing news or resolving queries. Great also the community via Telegram! Top!

Víctor S.

15 Jun 2023
The investing experience has been really straightforward. Although I have had some small problems when using the platform, the Crowmie team has always solved them in a matter of hours. The same with any doubts that may arise, I have always received personalized attention to solve them. Perhaps what I would highlight the most would be the proximity.

Javier M.

7 Jun 2023
Fantastic company to invest in, make a profit and be able to contribute to the construction of renewable energy!

Jesica D.

6 Jun 2023
Very friendly team, easy to invest with even if you are just starting out. In addition, it is appreciated to be able to deal with the team directly, they send you the information of the investments you have made.

We All Need Energy. A basic element of life should be a basic element of your portfolio.


We focus on industrial self-consumption photovoltaic projects in which we sign a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with the industry where we install the project, which meets the financial rating we require.

First of all, we have created strategic partners with installers and specialists involved in the construction of photovoltaic projects. Crowmie for them is the financial partner with which they can offer the industry an attractive solution (PPA), which from minute 0, saves energy and financially more than 25%.

Once we receive the project information via our partners, the first analysis we perform is the financial analysis, where knowing the main characteristics of each project, we can model the operation to mark our objective profitability and negotiate a PPA price.

Next, we perform the financial rating where we study in each case the financial health of the company and understand the risk of non-payment that we can face with it.

Once we sign with the industrial client, we go on to validate the technical engineering information, where each of the projects must meet our quality requirements.

In addition, everything we sign is supervised by our energy legal department, Andersen.

Of the hundreds of projects we are offered, <5% go out on the platform because of the requirements we set.

Anyone of legal age, from anywhere in the world, who registers and validates their identity (by filling out the KYC form) can invest in Crowmie.

Investors will receive their profits monthly once the project they have invested in begins to generate energy. The average returns we offer to Crowmie investors are 12% annually.

The returns that the investor receives are free of commissions, which can be reclaimed from their bank or reinvested in subsequent projects that we finance. When the investor claims his balance from the platform, Crowmie proceeds to withhold on the profits the relevant percentage depending on the tax jurisdiction.

Crowmie structures its opportunities in the Spanish special purpose vehicle (SPV), Crowmie Asset Management SL, which aims to own the projects financed by Crowmie investors and is the entity that signs all contracts with industrial clients.

It is a completely autonomous vehicle that is responsible for operating and maintaining the projects to ensure maximum performance. Asset Management, Operation and Maintenance, and Insurance costs are included in each of the financial models and are deducted from the cash flows generated by the sale of energy.

In legal terms, the financial product in which one invests is a convertible participating loan, which is tokenized (digitized), and the investor obtains it once they invest in the project.

This contract reflects all the guarantees offered to the investor, giving them full economic rights to the project in which they invest, meaning that all generated benefits are distributed to the investors of each project.

The convertible participating loan model can be found in each project in which one invests and in the contracts section of each investor.

All project information can be found on the Crowmie platform, app.crowmie.com. Register, access the projects section, and click on the detail button.

Investors can recover their money through the marketplace, where they can sell their stakes to the community, or the Liquidity Pool, where Crowmie offers a purchase price. This provides investors with ample liquidity to liquidate their investment and recover their invested funds.

Market energy volatility does not affect Crowmie investors who invest in industrial self-consumption photovoltaic projects with signed PPAs. Predictable income during the contract’s lifespan eliminates the risk of the energy market.

The structure executed by Crowmie in the projects ensures that the investor is protected against defaults and that we can guarantee the estimated returns and that the capital is not lost.

Each project has a bank guarantee for 6 months of the project’s estimated production. Additionally, we have the surface rights of the location where the project is installed and the connection point to the grid, which allows us to sell the energy we generate to another client or to the Spanish market for 25 years.

Currently, the minimum investment ticket is €1.000 to invest in a Crowmie project.

Investors’ returns are not affected by Crowmie’s business model.

Crowmie makes money by invoicing 5% of the construction cost of the project, and we invest 3% of each of the operations we finance.