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Crowmie Renovable S. L. is a company registered in the Commercial Register of Valencia, Volume 11126, Folio 197, Registration 1, Page V-202946

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Project Features

You have industrial self-consumption projects, which generate passive income, and you have the possibility to reinvest to boost your earnings with compound interest.


Investment in solar energy

Duration: 5-15 years.

Average profitability: 7'5-12% TIR annual*.


Minimum investment


You receive the returns monthly

Do you want to sell?

There is a market available on the platform for you to recover your investment

Why invest?

Motives to invest with Crowmie

Investing with Crowmie offers the opportunity to participate in renewable energy projects in a simple and profitable way, generating monthly returns and contributing to the promotion of a more sustainable future.

Booming sector

Renewable energies are a booming sector due to the need to combat climate change and their efficiency in obtaining clean energy in a cheaper way.

Pre-sold energy

For each project, a PPA contract is signed that determines the minimum price at which the energy will be sold. This guarantees a minimum return on the project.

Where to invest?

Learn about our projects

We offer you the best investment opportunities in energy properties.

Hotel Don Juan

Navalvillar de Pela, Badajoz

Total profitability



15 years

Total investment


Salinas 1


Total profitability



15 years

Total investment



In production

Total profitability



7 years

Total investment


And who provides the projects? Meet our partners

LantaniaCox EnergyCubierta SolarVolta smart energyGreen FutureQuantica RenovablesElektrosolGrupotecDerectioVestel IngenierosProsolia EnergyNeowise Solar EnergyImasarGreening-eLumisa EnergíasKuantica

Profit Payments

Beneficios mensuales

The returns generated by the projects are translated into profits
We allow reinvestment, and with it you can take advantage of compound interest.
Payments are received monthly in your profile within the platform

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Your investment is used to build facilities that produce renewable electricity .
The benefits of selling energy are shared among investors

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