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invest in tokenized real estate


Invest in tokenized real estate is becoming fashionable, but do we really know what it means? Tokenize a property or tokenization in real estate real estate, it is about turning a property into a digital asset, and through the use of a platform the investor invests in a home, office, etc. In return, you receive monthly or annual interest , depending on the platform.
In the Real State tokenization sector, in addition to tokenizing real estate such as homes, photovoltaic plants, wind turbines , etc. can be tokenized. . This is our specialty, we convert companies into digital assets so that you can invest in them, and obtain profitability.

Why should you invest in tokenized real estate and not buy traditional stocks?

Using tokens has two main advantages, the first is to be able to invest using a platform that facilitates this task (no more going around to find profitable projects and the difficulty of using investment tools). And second , the cost of transactions is infinitely cheaper than buying shares through a broker.
If you have invested in a traditional way, you will know that depending on the broker you use and where the stock is located in which the action to invest is located. You will have to pay one amount or another, with very large differences . From 1 euro per transaction to 10 euros (a huge difference). Using tokens on the blockchain network the price is the same all over the world. It is located where the buyer and the renewable energy company are located.
On the other hand, for a company to be listed on the stock market , it is required to manage significant volumes of income. Growing companies are excluded from accessing these contributions. In our case, this makes the energy transition difficult. Since we would have to wait for the big electricity companies to make this big change on their own, but it would take too long.
That is why we want to democratize access to investment , yes, we carefully analyze each company, both economically and legally with experts in the field. So that you can invest in tokenized real estate with total security, both in the reliability of the project and through the most secure network, the blockchain network.

How do we do it?

We first analyze the company, then we convert it into tokens and expose it on our platform so that small and large investors have access to buy them.
Thus, we encourage investment but above all we facilitate it. In exchange, the investor receives returns from the first month, and also, if the asset is sold, you can also take a percentage of the profits. Later, even make you pay less on the electricity bill. Can you imagine that the electricity companies pay you? BOOOOMMM matrix before us
If you are interested in the real estate sector and want to diversify your portfolio, do not hesitate to call us, our attention is personalized and we will talk with you until you understand the whole process.
If you want to have a coffee , you can come to Lanzadera, we will be happy to share our time with you

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