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Pablo Valverde | 21 mar 2022 | Investments, Renewable energy


Currently, regarding the investment in Renewable Energies, investors choose between photovoltaic and wind. Increased return on your investment comes hand in hand with increased usage worldwide.

Renewable energy does not pollute

Renewable Energy projects are energy sources that do not pollute or produce greenhouse gases. This makes them more competitive every day and it shows in their exponential growth; where according to forecasts* the supply of renewables worldwide will go from 26% to 44% by 2040, mainly using wind and photovoltaic energy. *International Energy Agency (IEA)

With the clear growth, strong investments are expected in the coming years due to the projected financial profitability and its sustainable, environmental and impactful soul. After all, it is being invested to accelerate the Energy Transition and curb Climate Change. In addition, the growing technological development focused on clean energy makes these investments a clear economic opportunity. This is reflected in their strong growth, going from 50,000 million dollars in 2004 to 300,000 million dollars in recent years.

Increases energy demand

The global demand for energy is constantly increasing, so it is necessary to continue with technological development. All this so that everyone can gain access to energy, while mitigating the damage done to the environment. Therefore, the creation of clean energy projects and investment in them should be encouraged. And due to growth and demand, the investment required is huge.

How do you invest in renewable energy?

To invest in Renewables you can choose different investment vehicles. In the first place we have the Variable Income of companies that only use clean energy, acquiring a small participation in this type of company. Another option is investment in Fixed Income or Green Bonds. They are used solely to finance sustainable or green projects, being less risky investments and that produce interest to be collected periodically. We can also invest in investment funds if you want greater diversification.

And in the last year, due to the technological development of the Blockchain, investment in tokenized Renewable Energy Projects has emerged, where the investor can invest from small amounts without any need for bureaucracy or intermediaries, receiving monthly dividends, without geographical limitations. Without a doubt, the future of investments passes through the Blockchain, and companies like Crowmie know it well. For this reason, investment in Renewable Energies has increased significantly

Pablo Valverde

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