Profitability of renewable energies


Pablo Valverde | 24 may 2022 | Energía renovable, Inversiones


The profitability of renewable energy is increasing. A sector that is growing and that increasingly receives more institutional support and private investment.

Investment in renewable energies European Union

Mainly from the European Union whose intention is that in 2050 the production of renewable energy that supplies Europe will account for 66%. They are strongly committed to the sector, with an investment of 288,000 million euros aimed at the transition (only 12,000 million will be allocated to oil and gas).
It is an advance on a human level, since we protect the planet from CO2 emissions, we slow down climate change and it will have a long-term impact on the bill.
Something that is convenient for households, but especially for industry, since electricity costs are usually very high.

Profitability of renewable energies

You can get high returns by investing in projects that use renewable energy. This is around 8%. Much more than keeping the money in a savings account (4% return + maintenance fees) or investing through shares (monthly brokerage fees, high transaction prices, little diversification).
Now there is a much safer way to invest in this type of project (for example in the creation of photovoltaic plants). And not only to obtain profitability, but also dividends every month.
You can get all this with us. We analyze each project technically, economically and legally. Once the project has passed the analysis, we make them available to you on our platform (which by the way is free, click if you want to look without investing), where you can find other projects in the sector.
Once you make the investment, you will receive dividends when the project starts up and the energy begins to be produced. In addition, you can sell whenever you want and recover the money invested.

Access the platform and only pay if you invest

We do not charge anything to use the platform, access it for free and only spend when you go to invest.
We are very active in social networks, there we will show you how your money is used for the project and its evolution.
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