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Joshua Cleveland | 13 dic 2021 | Crowmie, Renewable energy


Renewable energies are the future, but how can we ensure that the energy we consume in our country comes entirely from renewable sources?

The first thing, knowing that renewable energies constitute the clearest bet to face all the challenges that our planet faces at this precise historical moment of crisis, since with its diffusion we will achieve:

  1. End dependence on fossil fuels , on which our economic model is based. Being a finite resource, its value increase is inevitable.
  2. Deactivate a large part of the geostrategic tensions. These are caused by the geographical location of the deposits in countries such as Russia, the Persian Gulf, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela or Nigeria.
  3. Effectively address the environmental problems associated with fossil fuels.
  4. Finally launch a model of sustainable economic growth, that is, based on renewable energy.
  5. Commit to new technologies that involve product and process innovation. Thus, by spreading throughout the economy, they drag it to growth rates above the average.

Second, understand that we do not have to give up part of our current well-being in exchange for avoiding greater evils in the future. But of a rational option from the economic point of view, which does not imply a loss but an increase in well-being.

And from Crowmie we are going to help the entire planet to achieve this goal and accelerate the Energy Transition to Renewable Energies.

Together we can change the world, renewable energies are the future!

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Joshua Cleveland

Co-founder en Crowmie

I am part of an outstanding team that is focused on funding renewable energy projects to help improve the future of clean energy for everybody. I am applying all the knowledge I've learned throughout the years, at universities and work experiences to create the best investment platform that will allow investors finance renewable energy projects.

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