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What happened to Juicy Fields?

What happened to Juicy Fields?



Juicy Fields members have received an email that has set off alarm bells about the stability of their investments. The company has shut down all of its social networks and has blocked investment registrations and withdrawals.

Our intention is exclusively to report on what has happened with Juicy Fields. All the information contained herein has been obtained from investor groups, so it should not be taken as 100% true, and from official communications from the company. WE ARE NOT JUICY FIELDS NOR DO WE HAVE ANY RELATIONSHIP WITH THIS COMPANY, WE ARE ONLY INFORMING. We will keep updating

What happened to Juicy Fields? Will the marijuana crowdfunding company and its employees reach an agreement?

Juicy Fields members and investors have received an email that has set off all the alarm bells. An email sent on behalf of: Juicy Fields IT, Customer Support and Payment Teams. The email highlights the differences and disputes between the team and the management regarding decision making. For this reason they have decided to go on strike. In addition, they have asked all members and investors to stop broadcasting the company.
The scales are tipped that different departments do not agree with the guidelines put forward by senior management, although there are rumors that they have not paid their employees’ salaries (these are unconfirmed rumors)

The company has just released a statement which we leave you with below:

“To all our Juicy Fields and e-Growers members.

As of this moment, there is a lot of uncertainty in the communities regarding the activities within the structures of Juicy Holdings BV.
structures of Juicy Holdings BV. I can understand this, because it only takes a small group of negative people to start spreading the word.
negative people to start spreading rumors and discord within the larger community channels. By

So, let me give you the facts as they are right now. I started working for Juicy Fields 42 days ago. I was hired specifically to create a structure,
transparency and, most importantly, a compliant company so that Juicy Fields could better serve current and future customers.
better serve current and future customers. The whole goal of Juicy Fields has always been to offer the public the opportunity to participate in commercial
opportunity to participate in the commercial cultivation of cannabis plants, and the profits generated as a result.
I have been involved in commercial cultivation and product manufacturing for 9 years. We understand
how profitable this industry can be. For Juicy Fields to offer a vehicle that allows people to share in this revenue is not just a
share in this revenue, it is not only their right, but it is also a fantastic opportunity that individuals can take advantage of.
can take advantage of.

On more than one occasion I have reported to you that I have made a number of essential recommendations to owners
of Juicy Fields regarding the necessary changes required. (You read that right: I am not an owner. I have no control
over the bank accounts, the electronic grower database, the websites, or any of the social media platforms). These changes include the development and launch of an enhanced platform through through which e- growers, and anyone else, can access information and have full control over their own funds. control over their own funds. Of the 5 registered owners, two were initially reluctant to accept these recommended changes, as they argued these recommended changes, arguing that it was not necessary to change a working model, but have since acknowledged that change is inevitable. have since acknowledged that change is inevitable.

During this change phase, both technical and corporate changes will be implemented. Naturally, this will affect
operating accounts, etc. The owners, as a precautionary measure, have decided to restrict access to certain accounts in order to prevent breaches. Certain accounts to prevent third party breaches and hacking. Attempts to hack into the secure locations where your money is stored are a constant threat that the technical teams have to deal with on a daily basis. on a daily basis. To start speculating that your money is insecure or that the owners of Juicy Fields are going to run off with your hard-earned money is a constant threat that the technical teams have to deal with on a daily basis. where are they going to hide if they try that, and why would they destroy a profitable company like Juicy Fields? why would they destroy a profitable company like Juicy Fields?

Please be patient for a little longer and don’t listen to the handful of negative people who are always trying to spread baseless rumors.
always try to spread unfounded rumors. Change is coming 100%, and you will have the right to either accept and embrace that change or take your and embrace that change or take your business elsewhere if you feel uncomfortable. Give me and my small team time to complete the work we have set out to do.

to complete the work we have set out to do. The changes we have recommended must be carried out, or Juicy Fields’ business will come under a great deal of regulatory scrutiny. My job is to make sure that we help build a sustainable business that is legal and safe for you to invest your money in. If these recommendations I have made are fully implemented, the new platform should be available in August. However, the final decision remains with the owners. If anything changes, I promise I will let you know. Any news you hear from any source other than myself is all speculation.

Last but not least, I also promised you a video message. Well, it is still in
still in the making. The last few days have been quite hectic and have not allowed us to take care of such luxuries.
However, I will continue to deliver on my commitment as soon as possible.

Willie and the Juicy Fields team.”

Telegram on fire

In the Telegram group, it is ablaze with messages from frightened investors who want to withdraw their investments because of this. From what they comment in the group, the company is not asking to face payments from investors who have decided to withdraw their investment (before the possibility of withdrawing the investment was blocked), although it is not something that can be confirmed.

On Telegram from Spain they indicate the following:


Faced with internal disputes in the organization of Juicyfields and the changes warned days ago, a part of the team has decided to execute a strike next 13/07/2022 to show their disagreement with the new direction taken by the company.The reasons leading to the strike and how we expect it to impact the course of Juicyfields’ business will be soon exposed.”

They also add that they will be releasing more information regarding the strike during the course of today.


What happened to Juicy Fields. Will the situation be resolved?

They have closed all their social networks: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We understand that the striking workers themselves will have taken these actions (we cannot confirm this). Although the YouTube channel is still active.

All investors are currently trapped on the platform, because as I said before, they cannot withdraw their investments.

Some talk about mass exit of the owners and that they will lose forever their investments. From our perspective, we understand that this is not the case, but rather, this has been caused by the strike (something that can happen in any company) and that in the end they will reach an agreement for the good of both parties.

Conclusions on what is happening at Juicy Fields

We will continue to report on the matter, although it seems that without an agreement with the workers, it will be difficult for the company to return to normal operations.


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