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Crowmie, the new way to invest in Renewable Energy


Crowmie, the new way to invest in Renewable Energy

Crowmie, the new way of investing in Renewable Energy was born with a purpose, to accelerate the energy transition.

The energy crisis that we are facing in Spain is a reality that we all know. And do you know what the solution is? The only alternative is the Energy Transition through renewable energies, where we still have a lot to do. The energy sector represents one of the largest markets worldwide. In Spain alone, an investment of more than 190 billion euros will be needed for the Energy Transition. It is almost impossible to invest in the sector, it is limited by paperwork and bureaucracy, the transaction costs are high, they are usually high investments and very little liquid… in short, this means that most of us are excluded from investments in the sector. Crowmie was born to solve these problems, it is a revolutionary idea that will give access and provide the necessary tools so that any person, company or entity can participate and accelerate the Energy Transition.

How do we do it?

Our platform is very simple, we select the asset and then we tokenize a participating loan guaranteeing monthly dividends linked to the performance of the asset.

Why do we use tokenization in renewable energy projects?

Having a digitized asset has many advantages, including:

  • We democratize investment. Thanks to the value of the tokens (€100), any person, company or entity can invest in the project.
  • Global Access . We eliminate demographic barriers so that anyone from anywhere in the world can invest.
  • The tokens are easily transferable , in seconds and at a very low cost . Only the gas required to execute the transaction on the blockchain (network fee).
  • Liquidity . Thanks to DeFi protocols you can recover your investment at market value at the time you want or you can exchange it to a third party. We thus convert the investment into a liquid investment.

Welcome to Crowmie , the new way to invest in renewable energy.

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