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Invest in renewable energies 2022


Investing in renewable energies in 2022, and obtaining a return of up to 8% with the right to dividends, is not something that anyone can propose to you. However, in a sector whose global investment is 500,000 million dollars, it is more than possible.

Is it profitable to invest in renewable energy in 2022?

Currently, investment in the energy sector accounts for 17% of global investment. And it is increasing. Now with the support of government and private institutions, the sector is booming. If we add technological progress, it is the perfect cocktail to obtain good profitability in a safe sector.

Problem to invest in renewable energy in 2022

Currently, only large fortunes and large companies such as Iberdrola and Naturgy invest in the sector.
On the contrary, for medium and small investors, it is much more difficult. On the one hand, being able to invest only in large companies, so they can hardly diversify. On the other hand, transaction costs.
It is also a problem for medium-sized companies with great potential. It is difficult for them to get investment since they would have to look for each investor one by one, or have high incomes to be in the investment market.
Our system is fairer with both parties, we democratize investment in renewable energy so that small and medium investors can contribute to the energy transition. Obtaining profitability and dividends.

Crowmie helps you to be part of the energy transition in Spain

We facilitate investment in renewable energies. From our free platform , companies in the sector will be able to make themselves known among hundreds of investors.
And the latter will be able to learn about projects where their participation will be rewarded with distribution of dividends and interest of up to 8%.
If you are interested in the renewable energy sector, you can access our platform. All you need is your name and email to create an account.


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