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About investing in renewable energy, as you could read in our ” Top 10 long-term investments “, it is a sector that is growing by leaps and bounds. This year it already represents 17% of world investment, a very high percentage.
renewable energy
It is an investment that does not require much risk, suitable above all for those who want to diversify their portfolio, without losing high returns and who want to invest in solid projects.

Problems investing in renewable energy?

Currently there are 2 problems to invest in renewable energy:
The first related to companies. Currently, only the companies that make up an oligopoly with respect to offering the energy service are the ones that can receive investment through the stock market or large investment funds . Therefore, companies in the sector that are growing find it difficult to bring together investors to invest in their companies.
The second problem is the difficulty and cost of investing using traditional methods. On the one hand, finding within a platform the most interesting companies in terms of profitability. Carrying out exhaustive analysis , learning to use the investment platform , etc. And on the other hand, the cost of transactions , whose price varies a lot according to the platform and the country where the company in which you want to invest is located.

Invest in renewable energy with Crowmie?

We solve these two problems; We democratize access to investment in renewable energy, understanding investors and companies. But above all empathizing with both.
That is why we always have communication channels available, for any questions. We can even guide you if you have never invested through platforms like ours, although it is simple to use.
All projects have been analyzed: technically, economically and legally. And the transaction percentage is always the same wherever the company is. To round it off, we will inform you through social networks how the investment you have made is being used, updating the projects periodically. Thus, you will have full control of how your investment is being used.

Avoid volatility and inflation

Whether you have invested in crypto (high volatility), as if you are one of those who prefer to keep money in the bank (beware of inflation). You could consider investing part of your capital in a safe, growing sector, which will prevent your money from losing value due to inflation or the volatility of cryptocurrencies.
The projects that are on our platform are not susceptible to changes in the financial sector. No matter what happens on the stock market or in the crypto world, when you invest in Real State, you invest in a tangible asset, and at a specific cost. Therefore, your token will always cost the same, unless you want to sell them at a higher or lower price to other investors. The fact that another investor sells it for another amount will not affect your tokens, since it will continue to be worth the same. Therefore, you will not lose value and you will also be able to receive monthly returns

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We All Need Energy. A basic element of life should be a basic element of your portfolio.