How to invest in renewables


Pablo Valverde | 24 may 2022 | Energía renovable, Inversiones


If you wonder how to invest in renewables, stay and we will explain it to you below
Currently, there are 2 ways to invest in renewables.
  1. Through the stock market, that is, using brokers like Degiro, where you can find companies that are dedicated to the sector. They are usually large companies, they form an “oligopoly”, many do not distribute dividends and at a certain level the broker, in addition to commissions, charges a monthly fee.
  2. Through Crowmie, investing in medium-sized projects with great growth potential, we distribute dividends, returns of up to 8%, sell whenever you want and our platform is free.
Find out why you should be interested in investing in renewable energy

Renewable Energy Stocks

The first option is to buy shares of a company that is on the stock market . In other words, you cannot diversify because there are currently few companies on the stock market that are dedicated to the sector.
Also, depending on the broker and where the stock market is located, you will pay one transaction fee or another (with significant differences).
This sometimes requires having several brokers , which makes management difficult.
As we indicated at the beginning, you can hardly diversify. The companies that are on the stock market enjoy an almost “oligopoly”. Therefore, you do not access projects that are in the middle phase of construction, these are the ones that provide the most benefits due to their potential growth and their revaluation.

How to invest in renewables through Crowmie

On our platform, you will find different projects to invest in, which are in the middle phase of construction. In addition, with distribution of dividends and a return of up to 8%.
The transaction cost does not depend on the geographical area. You can invest in any company in the world and the cost will be the same.
You will be able to manage your investments from one place, in an organized and intuitive way.
If you want to diversify your investment portfolio and protect your money from inflation, access the platform for free
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